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In other words, perform your modifications into the motor. Golden Rule 1) Ask yourself, "How much money do I have? Supercharged : A belt driven compressor that forces air into the engine.

3.16 What does a lightened crankshaft pulley do for me and who makes them? So get rid of the extremity bottle necks before working on bottlenecks in the motor itself. 1) intake 2) exhaust 3) headers 4) throttle body 5) intake manifold 6) camshafts 7) sprockets 8) cylinder head etc etc ) Here's a short and sweet tuning primer. Choosing the correct turbocharger is essential for optimum performance.

Watch out for the open yellow ‘Aussichtswagen’ (i.e.

prospect carriage), the milk tank wagons and the flat wagons with timber and other loads.

Please do not email me or the Honda Performance site with questions relating to it. 1.8 What are some good books/magazines/links to check out? During the combustion process in an engine, at about 572 degrees F., nitrous breaks down and releases oxygen.

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