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If they're not calling, they obviously don't want you. There are plenty of men out there willing to throw themselves at your feet. Harvey says that while women look to men to satisfy a number of personal needs, men require only three things in return: support, loyalty and sex. Fisher's conceit is that we naturally attract and repel others based upon our type. by Sherry Argov The provocative title alone has made this best-seller a standout, but the contents are just as audacious.

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Men are commonly left to initiate contact with women and make the first move in dating and relationships, but when you are shy this is far from easy.

There are many books out there that give dating advice and tips on how to pick up women, but they are really not very useful to somebody who is extremely shy and nervous.

From focaccia to croissants, there is not a dud recipe in here and those that once seemed out-of-reach complicated are made simple with straight-talking, easy-to-follow steps. The Primrose Bakery Everyday by Martha Swift: £25, Vintage The Primrose Bakery franchise might be best known for its cupcake offering, but the latest book encompasses layer cakes, loaf cakes and cookies too, all organised into seasonal chapters and with the bakery's signature American feel (think peanut butter brownie cups and maple and bacon cupcakes). Patisserie at Home by Will Torrent: £19.99, Ryland, Peters & Small For those who take their sugar seriously, Patisserie at Home is as awe-inspiring as it is drool-worthy.

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