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These modalities include medicine balls, stability balls, rubber tubing and various pulley systems.

Of all of the modalities being used to enhance the specificity of training, one of the most debated is band and pulley training (BPT).

While ARED's primary goal is to maintain muscle strength and mass, resistive exercise also helps astronauts increase endurance for physically demanding tasks such as space walks.

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Accommodating resistance exercise equipment

HUR resistance is designed to accommodate the fact that every body is not the same.

HUR's more consistent load or resistance profile reduces stress on joints and connective tissues.

ARED's primary goal is to maintain muscle strength and mass in astronauts during long periods in space.

Exercising in space poses unique challenges, but without exercise, astronauts can lose up to 15 percent of their muscle mass, some of it permanently.

The platform houses two force plates, which act as the reaction surface for all exercises.

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