Adult chat servers

It is useful to name your chat room with a name that implies its purpose.

For example, if you will be using your chat room for virtual office hours, then you might name your chat room “Virtual Office.” Alternatively, if the chat room is designed solely to give learners a place to socialize or discuss class activities, you might name the chat room “Student Lounge.” Type the description of the chat here.

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Specifying Lists global or server custom reactions (20 commands per page) grouped by trigger, and show a number of responses for each.

Running the command in DM will list global custom reactions, while running it in server will list that server's custom reactions. If ran in DM, it is bot owner only and deletes a global custom reaction.

The software concept was originally created by Jim Bumgardner, and produced by Time Warner Interactive, in 1994, and was first opened to the public in November 1995.

While there is no longer any official support for the original program, a new client has been developed and is actively maintained by Jameson Heesen.

If ran in a server, it requires Administration privileges and removes server custom reaction.

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