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Computer skills are required, so you must be able and to use instant messaging programs, and have the ability to use search engines etc.

We can only offer work on landline numbers, no mobiles will be accepted. Pay is pretty much industry standard and NOT £1 per min as reported in some tv programme shown on Channel 4. You will receive support and guidance from our small team of Mentors, who assist in your telephone jobs training.

It’s nice not to be hounded when you log off like I used to be when I worked with another company.

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To get one of our telephone jobs, you will need to be over 18 years old, UK resident or have a permit to work in the UK.

Good internet skills, enthusiastic, sincere, a good listener, the ability to be an actress, a friend or just a shoulder to lean on for a host of callers.

Some of those affected have contacted Mr Ring's office as they have been unable to find a solution to the problem.

The minister said his constituents are "aggravated and annoyed" by the volume of calls they are receiving and insist they should not have to change their telephone numbers.

Can you still use the Single Adult live couples 4 sex live Ministry provides many online.

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