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Whichever script you choose, or choose not to use one is completely up to your personal preference.

I added a new standard VB module called "mod Sort.bas" which takes an array of any data type and sorts it ascending or descending.

It uses an efficient sort method called a "Shell Sort" to do this.

When I started graff in 1983, not many girls were involved in the game. More and more girls got into the graff world, and after the STICKUPGIRLZ got more known and got their own website, I saw a lot of all-girl crews popping up everywhere.

CANTWO, In 2000, the absence of any substantial representation of female graffiti writers was more than noticeable; it was as if, however unlikely, they simply did not exist.

» prevent problems with security, always try to get the script from the author's webpage or channel.

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