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The promotion of folk heritage will also create more space for expressing diversity within our culture, asserting cultural autonomy and dignity and could contribute towards being a stronger democracy and a stronger nation.

Catalunya's food culture is undeniable: it is home to Barcelona which is regularly listed as one of the best food cities in the world and Chef Ferran Adria's El Bulli, the best restaurant in the world. Catalunya has long been a stronghold of inventive cuisine.

Finally, Deb -- fearless Deb --- rang the bell and sheepishly asked, "Is this right?

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We walked to the allotted spot a little early and stood staring at a plain laundromat, labeled in blue Tintoreria Dontell, half-obscured by scaffolding with the typical suits hanging by the front door.

We looked around for the restaurant but there was none to be seen.

Beberapa bahkan tak segan menghilangkannya karena sudah tidak karena mereka tidak mampu lagi mempekerjakan ahli perawatan rumput untuk memberikan perawatan kebun yang tepat.

Kebanyakan pemilik rumah, bagaimanapun, perlu tahu bahwa merawat halaman mereka sebenarnya bisa dilakukan tanpa mempekerjakan seorang ahli.

Cookbooks found from the 14th century Catalan courts provide recipes that would fit well in any modern gourmet restaurant, including a sofregit of slowly fried onions with garlic, an almond sauce, baby eggplants stuffed with a herby goat’s cheese, and fried fish escabache.

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