Anne hathaway dating jim sturgess

Her hair is pulled back, and aside from cat-eye makeup, her look is comfortable.

"It was just me on my own for the first time in a few years," says Hathaway, who left her assistant, her boyfriend and Labrador Esmerelda behind for the long European shoot.

New friends, who saw the London riots arrive "on their doorstep," and her new identity, as Emma Morley in One Day, awaited.

Later, Dex has an annoying girlfriend who becomes pregnant, then becomes his wife, while Emma's only significant other is an irritating standup comic (Rafe Spall).

Eventually she and Dex sync up, though there are, sigh, complications.

Fans of the Cinema of Delayed Love — CDL, let's call it — have only a handful of titles to call their own: "An Affair to Remember," "Same Time, Next Year," "When Harry Met Sally ...," "Four Weddings and a Funeral." Now CDL aficionados have "One Day," though it is a tedious addition to this subspecies of rom-com, despite Anne Hathaway's efforts to make us fall for her regardless of the setting.

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