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We will first go through the letters that exist in English, the table below shows the letters that you may not have any problem learning or pronouncing: that are either hard to pronounce or are pronounced a little bit differently, you shouldnt worry if you cant pronounce them the right way, because there are always close pronunciations in Arabic, and you still can be understood.

Now that you know how to pronounce the Arabic letters, we will go through reading them, Arabic letters should be written connected to each other, you can simply think of it as if youre writing in cursive in English, like in the example below you can see how the first WELCOME is written, then the second WELCOME which has all letters connected to each other, Unlike English, Arabic in most cases cannot be written with its letters separated from each other like the way we wrote the word WELCOME.

The form that a letter takes depends on its position in a given word, and the difference most of the time is very small, like a longer tail to allow it connect with another letter following it.

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