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Substantial numbers of respondents, representing every demographic group and every rank in the academic hierarchy, reported having heard remarks that they interpreted as racist or sexist or that disparaged someone's femininity, masculinity or physical or mental abilities.Most of the negative comments came from peers, but a significant number of sexist comments originated with supervisors, the survey found.

Busting your Cheops Here’s the picture making the rounds: It clearly shows the three pyramids in Giza, Egypt, with three planets above them.

There are various versions of this picture I’ve seen; most are like this with almost no explanation.

Get your pack of 25 viewers today and make sure everyone’s eyes are protected.

First we see a simulated image of the sky from Mars go massively viral because people thought it actually showed Earth in the Martian sky, then a clearly Photoshopped pic of two "Suns" setting on Mars gets passed around.

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