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So, since the thread title is self-explanatory, I guess answer the poll and provide info in a post? ) I'm particularly interested to see if the type of sex work and whether or not they're still active matter to you.

They talked easily between themselves, sharing confidences and exchanging office gossip. A general ribald exchange of observations about boys, girls and sex took an unexpected turn when Madison shared a detailed account of an episode that transpired in bed with a casual date. Nevertheless, he was relieved to find his reply came out more matter-of-factly than he expected. The roundness of her hips made a nice profile, too.

Their cooperation on the job was lubricated by the drinks they shared after softball games, the conversation at the occasional group lunches and the Friday night Happy Hours. His fingers got busy with his belt, hoping that he would get his pants off before his growing hard-on tented his fly. That hid her pussy but let him appreciate how well her tits maintained their attitude, resisting slumping.

Her eyes were glowing with interest as his story concluded. He was conscious of the increased tempo of his heart as he strove unsuccessfully for a moment to form words. He had elected to drag down his shorts with his pants, hence the display that claimed her attention as he fumbled with his shirt. A short time later he raised himself off her to gaze into her half-open eyes. He made a conscious effort to control his breathing. Lets not take a chance on spoiling it with romantics. Eventually he took the hint and repaired to his room for the night. I dont see why we shouldnt make each other feel good with a friendly little roll in the hay every once in a while.

Their friendship was nearly a year old when they found themselves sharing a night cap in the bar of a hotel in a distant city during the course of a business trip. They were making a general luncheon presentation to a group of potential clients. He felt compelled to reciprocate with his own tale of an experience between the sheets. Her lips parted through her smile as she regarded his rampant cock. He reached for her as she stretched out and rolled onto her back. If this is the way she thought it should be, he was completely okay with just putting his cock in her.

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