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Of course, the vast majority of classic stars were, in fact, art pieces.But those stars were archly American — art forms made to mimic real life — whereas von Sternberg was heavily influenced by German Expressionism, and Dietrich’s image mirrored those sensibilities: surreal, beguiling, angular. She fascinated, repelled, and confused American audiences, which is part of why her star image morphed iconic.But why would this make people think twice about swiping right? If you’re happily coupled up, you’ve probably helped your single girlfriends swipe through the reams of desirable – and not so desirable – potential dates.

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Marlene Dietrich was glamorous in a way we can’t quite understand.

Like Greta Garbo, the woman to whom she is so often compared, Dietrich was otherworldly, her face a mask across which emotion flitted and fought.

In some instances, the University may accept students who do not meet the above criteria, but upon closer review indicate a probability for success.

The University considers all of the above factors in reaching an admissions decision.

Her every move seemed an exercise in control, a sort of beautifully molded artifice.

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