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First off, I know this is a silly trend, but it was on my mind.Anyway, have you ever seen a very beautiful woman, the type of woman you would dream of dating, then you smell her breath and you are shocked that it do not smell good.So your date, your boss, or whoever's talking to you has terrible breath.

At the outset, consider how well you know your partner.

If you have just got acquainted with this girl or guy, all it may take to remedy the situation could be perhaps a well-placed hint.

I have told him about it and hes trying to figure out whats causing it but its making him insecure and its turning me off in the meantime. If it can't be dealt with, then it would be a dealbreaker for me. It's good that you've been able to discuss this with him. If there seems no logical reason he should make an appointment with a dentist who in turn may refer him to an internist if a dental check reveals no contributory cause.

I did date a guy a few years back who also always had bad breathhis always smelled stale like a really old person. It could be caused by any number of things but it sounds as though a good check-up is in order.

Chronic bad breath is usually a result of bacteria settling on the tongue and surfaces of the mouth; these bacteria release unpleasant odours.

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