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Developed by Platinum Games, published by Sega and available now for Xbox 360 and PS3, Bayonetta is a game likely to divide opinions due to its complex yet rewarding combination combat system, it’s incomprehensible storyline and outrageously violent and sexual content.

Bayonetta tells the tale of a semi-amnesiac witch with a penchant for skimpy costumes and large guns who has spent the best part of five hundred years asleep in a coffin at the bottom of a lake.

So I’ve taken the liberty of collecting a week’s worth of hateful messages sent to me on Twitter.

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This past semester I taught a class on representation in games for the first time.

I’m not a stranger to the topic, much of my critical work and speaking gigs have been about representation in games, but it was a new experience figuring out how to teach undergrads about the topic.

I was asked to teach a survey of as many different kinds of representation as I could, so I ended up teaching specifically to gender, race, sexuality, class, disability, and age.

This isn’t the most common format, usually any sort of media studies course will be focused on just one topic, such as Race in Games, and spend time diving into the various approaches so students come out with a pretty developed understanding of the discourse around subject.

I figured it’d be worthwhile to share my process, how it went, and what I think it means to teach representation.

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