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Wheel blocking is an easy way to prevent or treat paw wounds, but it presents problems in terms of animal welfare, as wheels are an important cage enrichment for hamsters.

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A pretreatment period with or without wheels lasted 15 days and the ensuing treatment period lasted 45 days.

At the end of the pre-treatment period, none of the animals without wheels had paw wounds, whereas at least 75% of the females and 100% of the males with wheels did.

From the [email protected]:~# prtconf -v /dev/dsk/c10t5000CCA221C25B1Ed0 disk, instance #217 Driver properties: name='inquiry-serial-no' type=string items=1 dev=none value='JK1133YAG55NLU' name='pm-components' type=string items=3 dev=none value='NAME=spindle-motor' '0=off' '1=on' name='pm-hardware-state' type=string items=1 dev=none value='needs-suspend-resume' name='ddi-failfast-supported' type=boolean dev=none name='ddi-kernel-ioctl' type=boolean dev=none name='fm-ereport-capable' type=boolean dev=none name='device-nblocks' type=int64 items=1 dev=none value=00000000e8e088b0 name='device-blksize' type=int items=1 dev=none value=00000200 Hardware properties: name='devid' type=string items=1 value='id1,[email protected]' name='inquiry-device-type' type=int items=1 value=00000000 name='inquiry-revision-id' type=string items=1 value='JKAOA20N' name='inquiry-product-id' type=string items=1 value='HDS722020ALA330' name='inquiry-vendor-id' type=string items=1 value='Hitachi' name='class' type=string items=1 value='scsi' name='obp-path' type=string items=1 value='/[email protected],0/pci8086,[email protected]/pci1000,[email protected]/[email protected],0' name='pm-capable' type=int items=1 value=00000001 name='guid' type=string items=1 value='5000cca221c25b1e' name='sas-mpt' type=boolean name='port-wwn' type=byte items=8 value=50.00a2.21.c2.5b.1e name='target-port' type=string items=1 value='5000cca221c25b1e' name='compatible' type=string items=4 value='scsiclass,00.v ATA.p Hitachi_HDS72202.r A20N' 'scsiclass,00.v ATA.p Hitachi_HDS72202' 'scsiclass,00' 'scsiclass' name='lun' type=int items=1 value=00000000 [email protected]:~/LSIUTIL# ./lsiutil LSI Logic MPT Configuration Utility, Version 1.63, June 4, 2009 5 MPT Ports found Port Name Chip Vendor/Type/Rev MPT Rev Firmware Rev IOC 1. vicodin without prescription where to buy norco online vicodin 500 clonazepam and alcohol effects colanapins medication .

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