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That was, until THC said he was coming to the Philippines and since he didn’t enjoy it the first time, I wanted me to show him why I loved the country so much.I wasn’t going to disappoint; the Philippines is the easiest country in the world to get girls (imo) and that makes it a horny man’s playground.

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After almost getting left by the plane in Manila going to Cebu, Larsian was our first stop for late dinner. In Cebu, bulalo is more known as “pochero”, and they have 2 versions: 1) your usual soup-based pochero and 2) sizzling pochero.

It’s a popular market-style dining place for hot off the grill BBQ of all kinds – from pork, chicken, to seafood – cooked in their signature BBQ sauce. Kusina Uno and Abuhan are two different restaurants yet they’re both known and claim to have the best pochero in town.

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