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Next up, Eva Marie and Jonathan are packing up their house and are getting ready for their big move back to California, but they aren't doing it alone!

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And yet, here I am, completely in love with the phenomenon that is Skam.

For those of you who have never heard of Skam, it's a Norwegian show similar to the UK show Skins that's currently blowing up on the internet.

My family begged me to leave the couch, questioned why I didn't want to spend time with them while I was home for break. Spoiler: I've re-watched all three seasons in the week since, and I'm still obsessed.

So for those of you looking to experience a tv show unlike anything I've ever watched, here's ten reasons why you should head online, search up some translated episodes, and hook in to the drip feed that is Skam.1.

The series, known as "Talk Soup" before Mc Hale took over in 2004, has become one of the most durable comedy vehicles for the cable network, the home of the Kim Kardashian TV empire and Chelsea Handler's late-night talk show.

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