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Mickey has been deaf since a major tragedy occurred at a very young age.

Lip made some rules after the mess with Karen, and Mandy.

Anways, this is sort of a prompt following s.7e.2 where Lip and Ian have a conversation about how straight or gay both of them are. I am kinda upset with the lack of Lip/Ian works, so I felt the need to add one of my own..

oops Ian Gallagher is new to Southside High and makes friends with notorious bad boy Mickey Milkovich. Ian's had a thing for Lip for almost as long as he can remember, but hasn't ever been stupid enough to try anything.

All of these things feel par for the course for the Gallaghers, though, as they have never been what most would call sane or dignified people, but there's one storyline hiding behind the rest that's far more upsetting: the final breakup of Ian and Mickey.

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