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Here in the middle of Issan, Surin to be exact, I was surrounded by flawless dark skinned friendly Thai men with a permanent gigantic smile stuck on their face. Although you can never generalize men based on one experience from other stories I hear that this is how dating is usually approached. It is polite to turn you down when you invite them back to your room after a night of drinking.I am not referring to the Westernized Chinese-Thai Bangkok boy but rather the rural Isaan son of a father type. It’s almost sacred and very rare form of behavior in the west, but at the same time utterly frustrating to the point of feeling rejected.

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Thai Women Thai women are beautiful, with jet black hair and slim, curvy bodies.

Obesity is very rare among Thai women, and their soft, feminine features are extremely attractive to most of the foreign men who visit.

Social norms are changing rapidly as the country develops, and casual dating is quite common among young and even middle-aged Thais, particularly in the cities.

The language barrier is probably the most serious problem a foreigner will face, but then again, love has no language…

Westerners tend to marry for ‘love,’ or romantic and personal bonds that include shared values and interests.

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