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Soon after arriving, he offended the Icelanders by calling their country inadequate because it had no bowling alleys.

He complained about the TV cameras, about the lighting, about the table and chairs, and the contrast of the ... The characters are well developed and I think that the reactions of the parents and the chess playing kids is a great metaphor for sports in general.

star Bobby Norris, who reveals he's looking for love - and may have found it before even seeing the matchmakers as he met everyone's favourite receptionist Tom Read Wilson.

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Showing unusual precocity at the outdoor matches at Washington Square in New York City, he quickly makes friends with a hustler named Vinnie who teaches him speed chess.

Josh's parents hire a renowned chess coach, Bruce, who teaches Josh the usefulness of measured planning.

conference, but have only been dating for a few weeks.

Things are very new.” The source added of Sandberg, “Everyone is happy for her, because she deserves to be happy, and Bobby is great.” A second source said Sandberg, 46, and Kotick, 53, were “close friends” and “They’ve recently been spending more time together.” Sandberg’s husband of 11 years, Dave Goldberg, died at age 47 in May last year in a hotel gym in Mexico.

If you follow Bobby Bones at all, you know that he’s been hinting at a mystery woman he’s been secretly dating.

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