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While some courtship signals are studied and deliberate, others, such as those just mentioned, are completely unconscious.

You want to see them closer together…” This is on the premise that the couple is still getting to know each other and there’s still a lot of hesitation. Lillian Glass analyzes the body language of the couple as they settled down on their table in the restaurant. Their direct eye-contact positively connotes that they are very into each other. The crossed arms of the girl totally aligns to the fact that she’s just not into food.

The guy orders a tuna and the girl keeps her arms crossed and mouth closed. Why It’s Good To Know A Little About Body Language There’s no doubt that it’s good to know even just a little about body language.

“In dating, what scientists call courtship rituals, it’s primarily about nonverbal communication,” says Navarro.

“It’s staggering how little of it has to do with words being said.” Learning how to read body language will help you decode the signals others send you.

The moves the body makes subconsciously sends out signals to the opposite sex to show interest or to say “back off.” Read on to find out whether or not the hottie at the end of the bar is feeling your casual glances, or if he’s much more interested in the exit sign behind you.

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