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He was also motivated to work within the business and establish himself as a successful entrepreneur.

Brett Dalton father was a banker and his mother was working in insurance.

Now that Agent 33 finds herself without a purpose, Dalton compares the duo to “two dented cans walking off together into the sunset. There’s a million different similarities between them. someone who is on a different step of the same journey. Agent Garrett never brainwashed me, but both of these figures have been really good at following orders and have attached themselves to the leadership of a powerful male figure who then disappears on them, and they are left with the questions of, ‘what do I do now?

Who am I without this person, without someone else telling me what to do?

’” Unlike Agent 33, Dalton says that Ward is now “on the other side” of that identity crisis following the character’s journey so far in season two.

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