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This is a collection of memories from her childhood and her wandering adventures around the Capital Wasteland. This fic features Ivy Bailey, my Lone Wanderer, and Butch De Loria. “…erase…your…regrets…”They called themselves “reborn”…The New Enclave. Sure, Butch knows how to flirt and how to be a tease, but when his childhood punching bag comes back with the hots for him, he isn't quite sure what to do. Their childhood conflict starts to subside when the two develop feelings for one another in the Vault and start finding out new things about themselves. There will be something that happens eventually in terms of attempted rape so, please be warned now. Thanks :) After spending a year away from his son, running with the Gunners, being a companion to the Sole Survivor, and watching the destruction of the Institute, Robert Joseph Mac Cready decides it's time to head home. It was the juxtaposition of my femme presentation with the clear fact that I was getting hot and heavy with a woman.

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The Tease and the Bully, the Siren and the Tunnel Snake, the doctor's daughter and the alcoholic's son. Amelia's memories are divided into two sections: Vault Days and Wasteland Days. ”He took shit for granted, his bed, his youth, and even his wife…10 years hadn’t been enough. Slated to begin work in the Medical track her attention is divided between studying and a certain boy who she used to loathe. All he really remembers is the curve of her body years later when he sees her dancing on stage half naked for a bunch of older men in suits.

That I don’t mind playing up my femme side from time to time doesn’t help either.

Suffice it to say, the looks of confusion my ex and I were greeted with that night were not the first I’ve received.

The party, a swanky roof-top affair in New York City, was called “On Top.” I was feeling even more on-top than most, considering the 9-inch, Jeffery Campbell heels I was wearing.

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