Calander busy data not updating

Once you've entered your Exchange server credentials into your Admin console, your G Suite users will see the option to Refresh all in the Find a time feature of Google Calendar.Clicking Refresh all will prompt Google to query your Exchange server for the free/busy calendar data of all users invited to a particular event.

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If Google realizes that one of the invited users is not a G Suite user, it will query the Exchange server for that user's calendar data.

Google queries your Exchange server whenever a Google Calendar user in your domain clicks Refresh all in the Find a time feature of Google Calendar.

However, you can also publish Free/Busy information online, and access Free/Busy information published elsewhere.

If not everyone you collaborate with publishes Free/Busy data, you can still use You can publish Calendar and Free/Busy information to a Web DAV server, FTP server, a remote machine through SSH or to any other web server with HTTP PUT support.

We have seen issues were data from an appointment can cause Free/Busy lookup issues.

Last modified 01-Sep-2019 21:28