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The XXX films have long had the target audience of men in mind, but things are changing You Tube user Gold Jacket Luke decided to ask college students in the US about their porn preferences on camera so there was nowhere to hide. Guys will freely admit to watching pornography on their laptops, phones at home and maybe even at work.

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FREE LOADERS What incentive does anyone of us getting paid $1000 an hour to hustle for tips?

What kind of expectations does the men have watching those shows? "I'll tip you 1 tkn to let the shark bite ur tit." "show me first then I'll tip" It was faked.

When one was asked: "Do you look at porn more than you have sex with real women?

Cam Soda allegedly pays porn stars $1000 to do an hour show & then split the tips. There biz model doesn't work, so they are pulling these tricks to make money. That putting a bunch of hot naked girls doing all the fucking of all wholes, even the famous porn girls is not enough of an incentive to get men to tip.

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