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This makes uncovering evidence for LGBT lives incredibly difficult and often leaves us with negative stories of crime and punishment rather than positive events which would never come to light as part of everyday life.

Add to this the fact that homosexuality was illegal until 1967, with earlier punishments ranging from hanging, to the pillory and ‘chemical rehabilitation’ (as in Alan Turing’s case), and it’s easy to understand why members of the LGBT community would not always have openly advertised their lives.

If I had met my first love in such situation, I would have become emotional and it'd actually hurt to know that she is old and I am young.

Talking about a dead best friend who is somehow alive and attacking me, my natural response would start with a slang.

Tommy Wiseau’s accidental cult hit The Room was a supernova of non sequiturs and overacting, jamming plots about infidelity, drug use, breast cancer, underwear, tuxedos, friendship, betrayal, and elaborate pizza orders into 99 cult-inspiring minutes. I don’t know if we accomplish that, it seems to me people enjoy it.

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