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“It sure looked like something was going on – he was whispering in her ear, she kept blushing.” Although Chris and Scarlett have been close pals for more than 10 years, “the timing is everything,” explains the insider, noting that news of their respective splits came within two weeks of each other. Like, it would be hot for a little while and then Chris would get messy about it and Scarlett would shrug and move on.

“A lot of people suspect they might become an item.” [From Star Magazine, print edition] Does it work on paper? I imagine Marvel would be pleased if they could use their leads’ romance to promote the movies too.

News the breakup was "amicable." Evans and Slate rang in the new year as a couple, but the actress was noticeably absent Sunday when Evans attended Super Bowl LI with co-star Jeremy Renner.

An insider told Us Weekly the pair split within the last few weeks.

While I can’t say I really “ship” any Marvel people, my take on Chris and Scarlett’s relationship was always that they felt more brother-sister towards each other rather than any romantic or sexual feelings.

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