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I finally tried the mini-image that was mentioned in the thread titled, "Company of Heroes: OF v2.500 - No Dvd" (would provide link, but I can't since I don't have 15 posts yet - error msg from forums), no luck with that either. I kept a backup of the original files in order to apply the patches after the fixed exes failed for the particular patch level. That didn't work so I restored the original files and patched to 2.300. Make a backup of the files you will replace by using the crack(when you want to patch later on, you won't need to reinstall the game). Pity that the other campaigns were a walk in the park. 2301 inside each of those folder sits the original exe and rs\files.

I tried both of those, that didn't work so I restored the 2.300 original files and patched to 2.301. And the fact that each campaign = 3 missions, I expect more content when I'm paying such a price (30 euro). I kept a folder called orig with a structure like this: orig ... Under the 2301 directory there is the original exe and validators\*, which I used to overwrite failed fixed exe/dlls.

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I had just finished a long, long install and update from original retail v Co H to the current version, followed with scrubbing Securom from the PC, since reliconline allows DVDless.

Warmed up with a skirmish to remember the hotkeys, went for another, and SHA-BANG, instant potatoes!

Every time it asks me to insert the Company of Heroes: Gold Edition Disc. I've thought about buying Tales of Valor also in order to try the NOCDs/NODVDs for it, but I figure I'll have the same problems. I tried patching to 2301 and using the various NOCDs for that version of Opposing Forces, no luck. Extra troops for the original armies and some short campaigns, i guess it's okay overall.

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