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From there, almost the last 100 pages of the book are dedicated to everything that happened after the day she got engaged in Switzerland, and the firestorm of media controversy Ben’s selection of her caused. It begins with her first account on waking up that morning in Switzerland on the day of the proposal, then background on her family, her upbringing, her dating history, and yes, her sex life.

Followed by her journey on the show recounting what she remembers from each episode, then ending with her 11 month engagement to Ben.

And of course, we can’t talk about the Exes without giving a little shout-out to our favorite girl, Drea. Least Memorable Reality Cast 2012: Really Bravo, help some bitches out and know when to say when. Add a model, a lawyer, a dentist and an actual housewife, but it’s the same sad story.

From her Wig-Out Party to “you better check your email”, she was an endless fountain of good times. There was potential with an unhinged supermodel and a philandering telenovela star, but we still just didn’t feel the love. Biggest “Fame Aneurism”: The Chinese need to update the calendars, 2012 was not the year of the dragon, but the Year of the Kim.

You see, it’s not like Courtney tells us every insider, behind-the-scenes, don’t-ever-talk-about-this secret about this show.

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