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Recover some heat by shivering, sat on a petrol station shop's floor, whilst eating cold sandwiches, to the blatantly contemptuous looks of the manager, tutting and shaking his head as he strides over, despising this inappropriately-dressed hobo. Poison yourself with an overdose of electrolyte and carbonated drinks, make yourself feel so sick that you can't eat or drink for 8 hours. On climbing Ucka, Croatia's tallest, steepest mountain (some sections 20%), injure your lower left back by overcompensating for your already-injured lower right back (from being runover by a car in April) so that you need to take painkillers, which will also help with that saddle sore which has returned from the Giro, because you didn't recover enough before doing this race. Set off again, feeling like you're about to fall asleep while riding. Repeat step 11 but use the side of a busy road to power-nap, hoping that you won't get decapitated by a lorry but, screw it, you're too tired to care. Find some chocolate milkshake in random shops, hoping to cure yourself from the stupidity of steps 5 and 11, ensuring that you lose more time to the other riders. At checkpoint 2, eat leisurely, drink more milk with sugar, shower, then sleep for 45mins, enough time for your rivals to catch up with you, just as you're leaving. Break a spoke on your front wheel and struggle to rip it off satisfactorily. Imamo dobre vijesti za sve koje zanimaju uvjeti i stanje na skijaškim stazama u regiji – na stranicama portala Live Cam Croatia od sada su, uz kamere domaćih skijališta, dostupne ski kamere iz brojnih slovenskih skijališta te iz Bi H.

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TWO SPECIAL FEATURES The first of its kind on the BBC.

As you key in your program, Toolkit will draw your attention to syntax errors that may otherwise come to light only after many program runs. BUGSOFTSOFTW AREBEEE EBEEBUGSOFTSOFTWAHEBEEBUGSOFTSOFTWAREBEEB REBEEBUGSOFTSOFTWAREBEEBUGSOFTSOFTWAREF' - *EBUGSOn SOn WAREREn BUGROFTROr - ‘ - - — ' |OFT\ SOF SO t)FTSi OFT* cnc lo Ur GSO UGS86 ACORN LS1.

Toolkit Plus is a 16K Rom which has been written from scratch making use of the latest programming techniques.

It offers over 40 commands (grouped for ease of use) and some new and very exciting features, all of which may be called directly or from a menu.

Fortunately, I managed to spend time with most of them before the race started, and with the faster finishers after, sharing experiences and getting to know them better.

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