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Trump's directive did not completely overturn Obama's changes: The embassies in Washington and Havana will remain open, and there will be no further restrictions placed on goods Americans can take out of Cuba. Tom Emmer, a Republican from Minnesota's Sixth District, said Trump's directive undercuts human rights and restricts business. Amy Klobuchar, a Democrat, called Trump's directive a setback at a time when "73 percent of Americans want more engagement with Cuba, not less."Klobuchar joined Lt. Tina Smith and state business leaders at Minneapolis-St.

And while Americans will no longer be able to plan their own private trips, group travel as part of authorized educational tours will be allowed. "This policy decision will hurt the United States economically, making it harder for our nation's farmers to access to new markets and cutting the knees out from under our travel and manufacturing industries," Emmer said. Paul International Airport on Friday to respond to Trump's announcement.

''In 5 or 10 years we are going to see an incredible ascension of Cubans in positions of power in Miami,'' said Antonio Gonzalez, a lawyer who was six years old when he arrived unescorted from Cuba and was sent to a Roman Catholic orphanage in Montana, where he lived three years before he was reunited with his parents.

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“Most of the tourists come to look for girls, tobacco, you know, the things they cannot get in their country,” she said.

“They say the Cuban girls are very hot.” Maria, who is 36 and insisted that her last name not be published, said she worried about contracting AIDS and forced her clients to use condoms, every time.

President Donald Trump speaks as he announces a revised Cuba policy aimed at stopping the flow of U. cash to the country's military and security services while maintaining diplomatic relations, Friday, June 16, 2017, in Miami.

Minnesotans hoping to travel to Cuba will most likely find it harder to do so following President Donald Trump's Friday announcement on policy changes. He also eliminated a longstanding tour requirement that required U. travelers to visit the island as part of an organized tour group led by American companies.

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