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Practically all of these marks are incised or impressed, usually in a hand-written manner, and usually include the Model or Mold Number and/or size.

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He started producing porcelain dolls' heads in 1885, when he acquired the Liebermann & Wegescher porcelain factory in Köppelsdorf.

In 1919 the firm merged with Ernst Heubach but they separated in 1932.

For those born during or before the war, composition was also a popular material, widely used from the 1930s.

However, if we go back a bit, maybe to the time of our grannies or great grandmothers – the late 1800s to the 1920s – we will find ourselves in the magical era of beautiful bisque china dolls.

It is very rare to find any Armand Marseille dolls that are unmarked and one should be very skeptical of such specimens.

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