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But making the school year end like this is just begging for mass truancy. And just like this year, there will be no classes for two days in mid-June. **** CANCELLED ****School Daze, a driving event allowing many sports car owners the opportunity to drive their car on a 2.25 mile road course at Pacific Raceways, is not presently being sponsored by CMCS.

Venue: Bo Beau’s Rooftap Kitchen 144 Pine Ave Long Beach, California 90802 United States Event Date: 2017-07-02 Start Time: pm End Time: pm Host: Mandy Giberman Description: For the first time ever, HER is FINALLY coming to Long Beach to make your Summ HER daze even HOTTER!

Join us on the rooftop of Bo Beau’s Rooftap & Kitchen on July 2nd for an EPIC Sunday Funday!!

It may be restarted in the future if interest and circumstances permit.

School Daze has a long tradition with CMCS dating back to the 1960’s with two main goals in mind: School Daze was not a competitive event.

completes the picture by tying together all these threads and taking them somewhere else again, suggesting that Moroder was not the origin for Cowley, but the streamlined destination.

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