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In the past few years, the music community has been hit extremely hard with deaths of many famous musicians from a multitude of genres. I’ve been playing in some of them for 26 years now, some are new, some have disappeared for ever and some have had more visual changes than The Mountain in Go T. Several led a good life, but many left this place way too soon for reasons we will likely never understand. However, when you clip, the tone can be a bit raspy.

Those, amongst others, are the things guaranteed to make us roll our... So, I got to thinking the other day about the venues I play in… As I said in my previous idiot's guide, that name firmly applies to me, so I’m researching subjects that I don’t know about, but as someone who has been playing for years should, and... introduce myself, my name is Jason and I'm a gear idiot. Having said that, I have been playing the guitar for WELL over 30 years, but I've always been more concerned with trying to play this virtuoso piece or if I can perfect the art...

It's almost up there with the meme of Jimi with the caption "Jimi plays without true bypass pedals and everyone still manages to enjoy his tone. I’m on a learning curve, so we might as well carry on!

In 1968 Mike Matthews founded Electro-Harmonix in Ney York for producing and distributing guitar effects pedals.

The first products had been the LPB-1 booster and the legendary Big Muff PI.

Further modifications had been added to reduce the noise level and to fix the volume drop.

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