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The schoolgirl was reportedly found in a "dishevelled" state on the roof of the school by her mother, who teaches PE at the school in Kako, in the esatern state of Bihar.

Police took a statement from her in which she named the four accused men and said her daughter had described the alleged gang rape. She is not mentally sound," the girl's mother told Kusum Bharati, a spokesman for Jehanabad police, said police had lodged a rape case against Aju Ahmad, the principal of Kako secondary school, and three teachers: Mohammed Shaukat, Abdul Bari and Atul Rahman.

Backpacking Eastern Europe is now a firm favourite on the backpacker itinerary.

In fact, some of the best cities in Eastern Europe such as Prague and Krakow are no longer quite the bargain they once were.

Turkish officials admit giving logistical and intelligence support to the command headquarters.

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