Dating for mild cerebral palsy people

I shared the work I have been doing over the past two years, to spread marriage equality to people with disabilities on Facebook, reminding people that our work is not done if we want marriage for all.

It received a firestorm of both criticism and support.

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There isn't a day that I'm not reminded I have the condition. But in my mind's eye, life is good: If anything, cerebral palsy has made me a stronger, more humble person.

I can even say having cerebral palsy has contributed to my success. As a teen with CP it was easy for me to get overlooked, discouraged, or even patronized simply because I wasn't considered "normal." This became especially apparent when doctors began prescribing "special devices" to help me re-establish or maintain a "suitable range of motion." These devices were to be worn while doing everyday activities, school-time activities.

Ive not yet gotten picked on on high school and I'm hoping it's because everyone's finally accepting me for who I am(: I've learned to embrace my cerebral palsy because it sets me apart from... As I have mild cp I am able to do many things that any other teen can do but I'm also quite limited I attended a regular nursery whilst I attended a special ed one twice a week. I spent another 2 months in the hospital after that. looking for like a dating website or something like that for people with Cerebral Palsy like myself and I found EP.

It causes me to walk with a limp and all through middle school I was called "limpy". I was born 2 months early and there were several complications with the birth.

While YES, technically, people with disabilities can get married, SOME face harsh penalties that are so steep they have no choice, but to not get married.

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