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Question: If you are dating someone for 2 months and then she decides to end things, could this be considered a “break up” ? This means that if things are not explicitly communicated, it’s hard to tell when it ends whether it’s a break-up or “just not interested anymore”. And it’s not just boys and men doing it anymore, even girls and women are playing the field.

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Why is a man not clamoring to reserve his weekends for you, or take you on a short vacation, or meet your friends and family? I need a man who is looking for a relationship and you don’t seem to be that guy.

and to be a sucker for hanging around when you’re merely (and clearly) his “once a week” girl.

It went well and the guy was nice, but I kept swiping.

One day, I matched with this guy who I didn't think was completely my type, but he was cute.

Apparently, he was trying to get in touch with me to tell me he was running late.

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