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Many cities have herpes SOCIAL groups and SUPPORT groups for people with herpes and HPV.

Herpes support groups are sometimes called “HELP” groups, and are usually affiliated with ASHA, the American Social Health Association.

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Is the person you are talking to too good to be true? Our goal is to educate by spreading the word to as many people as possible so you will heal and move into the future learning from the past.

Did he/she start professing his/her love in a short time? Answer "yes" to any of these questions, you need to be a part of this group. Visit our website (link below) & files for more help. Please set up a separate Yahoo email identity before posting the first time & make sure it does NOT include any part of your real name or personal information which could be used to identify you.

If you are a single widow or widower you are welcome to join.

-- Meet People with H offers one of the oldest running and largest online dating services for people with Herpes and HPV. Another great way to date is to place a personals ad in your local paper or on Craigs List with a title of Herpes, then describe yourself as you normally would.

I've been trying to get these dating groups off the ground for years. I'm very blessed as I've found my divine beloved, my twin flame soul mate partner that fulfills my soul. It took a lifetime of working on myself and he working on himself. Once I know, by your donations, who you are and your interests and also once we get enough members in the group(s) to make it work, I'll send out an email announcement for a meeting of our members.

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