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(Photo: Terrell Woods) …he has no sense of the importance of family, and never makes an effort to understand what you need emotionally. He can be totally in love with you, but if he also forsees a future of drama, petty fights, and a life of being endlessly criticized and misunderstood, he’ll eventually snap and decide to leave, even if in his gut he really doesn’t want to.

Being unable to tell the difference between having a disagreement and having a fight – If the two of you can’t disagree without it slipping into name-calling, emotional tantrums, and being moody for 24 hours afterwards, you’ve got a long miserable road ahead.

If you argue a lot, start making a note of which one of you let’s disagreements get out of hand.

It takes a while for us to adjust our expectations and ‘grow up’ internally to realise when we’re acting self-centered, spoilt, or like a pouty teenager who has a skewed view about what things ought to be like in the real world.

Here are some signs to watch out for (in either a guy or yourself) that indicate an immature approach to relationships: You are uninterested in your partner’s problems – The first sign of maturity for children is realizing that other people have minds and getting over their inherent selfishness. If you can’t feel like you care or want to listen and help someone else with their problems, please spare your future partner and don’t be in a relationship until you do.

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