Dating lenox backstamps

If the word “Royal” appears, the piece was made after 1850.If you see the word (or associated abbreviations) “Limited,” the piece was created after 1861, while the words “Trade Mark” tell you the piece was created after the Act of 1862.In 1857 a new pottery was started under the name of the Excelsior Pottery Works, which was operated by William Young & Sons (William, jr.,*Edward and John) until 1870, at which time William, Sr., withdrew, and for the following nine years the business was conducted by William Youngs Sons. learned the art in the pottery of John Ridgway, of Hanley, England.

Dating lenox backstamps

Meissen painted an “AR” on the pieces, in honor of the king.

Shortly thereafter, the company began using the famous crossed swords mark, which is still in use today.

Certain logos have many components, so in order to simplify identification, I have chosen the major component.

Where more than one component has equal priority, then I have listed it more than once.

Meissen Factory Marks Meissen used a variety of factory and maker’s marks from its inception, but the famous crossed-swords didn’t become the official Meissen mark until 1722-23.

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