Dating mexican pyramids Dirty online webcam chats

Carbon dating of organic samples found on the structures revealed that the small pyramid dates to around 850 BC – just before pyramids became common at La Venta – whereas the long platform dates to 1000 BC.

There is only a six-foot difference in their base diameters on both sides, and the Pyramid of the Sun was (before modern restoration) just 14.39 feet over the mid-height of the Great Pyramid.

While not iden­tical, these dimensions are intriguingly close.

During the nearly 100 years that the Aztecs ruled the land, they built many cities, and the central point of the cities was a temple sitting atop a pyramid, where religious ceremonies and human sacrifices occurred.

According to Aztec writings and religious artwork found at archeological sites, the Aztec pyramids were central to the civilization’s religion.

Now newly discovered excavations have revealed that some Mayan ceremonial plazas and pyramids are centuries older than we thought – but leave obscure why they were built.

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