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The NTRU public key cryptography system represents a significant improvement in the Public Key cryptography world—it’s faster, stronger and smaller than virtually any other system in use and it’s quantum computer resistant, making it the best choice for current projects with lifetimes that extend into the post quantum computer age.

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minimizes the IKE key exchange payload size which helps to prevent IKE datagram fragmentation, x9_98_balance is a mix of the two previous options, and optimum being the default and based on a product form of trinary polynomials is both the fastest and most compact option.

The NTRU cryptosystem is one of the main alternatives for practical implementations of post-quantum, public-key cryptography.

We describe four different NTRUEncrypt implementations on an ARM Cortex M0-based microcontroller, compare their results, and show that NTRUEncrypt is suitable for use in battery-operated devices.

We present performance and memory footprint figures for different security parameters, as well as energy consumption in a resource constrained microcontroller to backup these claims.

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