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A typical test series (6 to 8 question papers) will provide you 100-150 questions to answer and that’s for hefty fees (starts from Rs. If you regularly go through questions and links provided here, it will enable you to face any kind of question that will be asked either in prelims or mains from current events part.

You can answer to some questions on this forum itself.

Since "The Way Home," Yoo Seung-Ho took on several more child acting roles in movies and dramas and became recognized as a proficient child actor. well done Yoo Seung-Ho , and good luck for your next projects ;) Congratulations on finally winning an award as an excellent actor for your drama remember: war of son!! Can't wait to see your latest drama Ruler: Master of Mask you're such a great actor both handsome and talented love you!!!! First watched him in the way home when he was still a child actor. And few years after that he already play such a cool adult role like harry borrison and seo jin woo! If anyone he even comes close to resembling is a much younger version of Lim Seulong (2a.m.) boy band. Yoo Seung Ho, please return to dramaland soon, movies are good but too short ;-; I miss you ;-; I remember watching him in the way home years ago and I've recently gotten into KPOP and dramas and couldn't believe that through looking for a new drama I came across the same little boy in the Way home who was in that time in the Military service at 20! it was my mother who first loves watching korean dramas, but when i saw you i have been silently searching for you in the internet..did a good job on i miss you... Can't wait for you to be discharged from the military : S .. you were Outstanding in "I miss you" and "Warrior Baek Dong Soo" (where I cried like a baby when Yeo Woon died To T , it was awfully saaaaaaad)..... And he is now 19, after he comes back from army, he might look a bit mature and hopefully he will get lead roles without having too much age-gap with female co-stars. I always thought he looked too young in "I miss you".

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