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Small aliquot quartz BSL results showed poor luminescence properties due to low luminescence sensitivity of quartz in this area.The dating results also indicated that glaciofluvial samples deposited close to ice margin (~40 m and ~700 m) and supraglacial debris dominated lateral moraine samples are relatively well-bleached, whereas samples from ground moraine and low terminal moraine were poorly bleached, probably due to containing subglacial and englacial debris.Dinosaur extinction is still a major enigma of earth history.

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Geologic assessment of active tectonism depends on two key measures: the age and the amount of deformation of a given stratigraphic unit.

The amount of deformation can normally be measured with greater accuracy than the age.

Adequate age control is thus a limiting factor in studies of active tectonism.

About 26 dating techniques can be applied to dating deposits and deformation of late Cenozoic age (past few million years).

The residual doses of glaciofluvial and lateral moraine crest samples were below a few Gy and age overestimations were below a few hundred years.

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