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It is always kinda interesting to hear him speak about their history and their inner work, even though it is definitely not my area of interest. Some would like to learn from a more experienced partner. Don’t group us all together under one label of women. And he knew it they day they met.(After all, that day he did cheat off her on a test.

On the other hand, I have deeper knowledge in marketing, or UX design.

Dating smarter

With almost 20 years of relationship industry experience, Ms. Join Deborrah and exciting guests as they discuss a wide variety of relationships based subject matter on Sunday nights at p.m. After careful consideration, the show on Blog Talk will be...

Heart Beat provides reliably witty, often hilarious and informative advice about modern dating issues. more In this exciting 25 video series, veteran advice columnist and dating expert Deborrah Cooper (Ms Heart Beat) breaks down dozens of manipulative social policies and mind games used by black males to get emotional and mental...

It has never been scientifically proven that men prefer beauty over brains.

What we do know is that even the smartest women do some dumb things when it comes to love.

Kleisner speculates that such signalling might play well with females' "mixed mating strategy." Sometimes explained in terms of women’s alternating preference for so-called "Women prefer dominant men as extra-pair sexual partners while at the same time they seek men who are more willing to invest in their offspring as long-term or social partners [52].

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