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Ceramic art can be made by one person or by a group of people.

In a pottery or ceramic factory, a group of people design, manufacture and decorate the art ware.

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Old or historic kitchen utensils go by various different names from "culinary antiques" to "vintage kitchenalia".

Whether they're ancient or mid-20th century "retro", almost all old food preparation, serving, and storage items appeal to some collector somewhere. It's not always clear if a simple box or pot or implement had a particular name or a particular use.

A collection of jars (earthenware, stoneware, glass in the 20th century) and boxes (wooden, tin) was needed when food was stored at home and groceries were sold unwrapped.

Households had different beaters, paddles, and bats - some of them known as beetles - for purposes from tenderising meat to working butter to beating the dirt out of clothes.

Major types of potterywares include earthenware, stoneware and porcelain.

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