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Opening up the Quick User Guide may take a few minutes, depending on your internet service, computer and ram size, as it contains a lot of information, including embedded videos.

However, it is worth the wait because, as an introductory page into the big picture we see/sense, as well as some information about our backgrounds, it gives a very clear overview of what "The System" is, the remedy to "The System" we call Kindom, which is what Love For Life is all about and what we, the Cristian family, stand for and where we are heading.

The tracking number and the tracking website link will be sent to your email box in about 2-3 working days after we deliver the package.

Note: If you choose the free shipping option, your parcel will be directly delivered your home only one time, or else you need to collect the parcel at your local post office with your tracking number and your personal ID.

It is best to wait until the Quick User Guide webpage is fully loaded before scrolling down.

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