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All these are fucking garbage image macros that get posted and shared on Faceback.

Shoot me your num I promise to only stalk you on sundays.. it turns the vibe of their profile COMPLETELY around and they start getting responses and phone #s. with just a couple of good pics, and pruning off the pics that make you look creepy, weird, lonely and angry/frustrated; your profile turns into a chick magnet. *They care about the EXPERIENCE they perceive they're going to have with you.

*I know this because I've had profiles that did not work at ALL, and I've had others that attract tons of attention. *Your pictures give her an actual view into your world.

*I've seen the same things with my buddies you'd think it was two different people's profiles you were looking at. *Make it a good one.* Written Section: Everyone at this point knows you need to write a profile that makes you sound quirky and fun.

*The only thing you need to realize is you've got to communicate the RIGHT kind of quirkiness.

Yet, it’s not down to the wild boar – they died out years ago.

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