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Two days before departure, Trey calls and invites me. It’s just that this life has afforded me so many opportunities, each new one makes the last one less distinct. My favorite — and the least likely — termination scenario involves 10 more years of playtime, another five or so for reflection and mental percolation and then two more to write a novel. One Aldwych calls itself a modern luxury hotel, and it delivers. There are two fresh plums on a small silver tray sitting on the desk in my room. My thumb presses the plum gently onto the knife blade, and I spin the whole thing around, pivoting on the pit. I think to myself, if the fruit tastes sweet it will be a good trip.(What am I doing? It’s an all-expense-paid first-class package to Europe. )As Matt and Trey begin their first afternoon of press, Jennifer and I spend time in One Aldwych’s lobby bar, “one of the best hotel bars in the world.” I read that in some hotel guide, and it’s true. ”While Trey and Matt’s super-celebrity powers don’t get us served any faster, they do afford the guys a brief meeting with Al Pacino and Oliver Stone, who have taken a table in some sort of secret back room of the restaurant.

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Some of those other eyes also happen to belong to Keenan Feldspar, who spots Dinesh and Gilfoyle on the exhibit floor before the world’s most prolonged double-take.

(Considering the pair had just spent the preceding minutes arguing over logistics of pouring molten liquid in an unpleasant orifice, Dinesh and Gilfoyle’s trepidation at seeing the object of their anger is understandable.) When Gilfoyle runs into Keenan a second time, it gives him the rare chance to engage with someone from outside the Pied Piper inner circle.

As I'm watching a movie, thinking, "I wonder how he'd do in a fight? Russell Crowe These two played similar roles, Butler played King Leonidas in Who would win in a fight? Although it never gained much publicity, Jamie Kennedy always resented Ashton Kutcher for stealing his idea. He is also 55 years of age, and has been in action movies involving violence such as He recently lost his son (R. Dennis Quaid is still strong, works out, and is no stranger to pain. Kevin Costner is a sports movie legend, and an average baseball player.

But does he have the same tenacity as King Leonidas?

Absent committee operations taught cursive because these.

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