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Compare Casual Kink, which is the same thing for BDSM and fetishism.Compare Ambiguously Bi, where things are more, well, ambiguous. It was a long time ago, so we met the old-fashioned way, on We laughed so loudly we made the other patrons blush.

So in the end it's likely that Bob or Alice Bisexual will be outed in passing.

Compare If It's You, It's Okay, where someone who has shown interest in people of the opposite sex in the past has exception.

During season 3's finale, which aired last year, Norton opted to stay with wife Ashley Doherty, but she chose to divorce; Nelson and husband Tres Russell remained together in the finale but broke up within the next six months.

In the preview clip for Second Chances, Jordan introduces herself to Norton by revealing that the show's experts were on the verge of picking her to marry him, but Doherty prevailed at the last minute.

"I went through the whole experiment and actually at the end, they said, 'What about David and Jordan? "So I found myself jealous of your wife at the time."After meeting Jordan, Norton tells the camera, "So I can't believe I'm sitting next to the girl I was this close to marrying!

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